Pastors’ Update

Pastors’ Update

Since the beginning of September, we have started to explore what a revival culture looks like and how we facilitate bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth?

One of the keys to this is realising that the culture of Heaven is centred around relationship.  Jesus always referred to God as Father and God referred to Jesus as his son. 

In Romans 8:14-15 Paul explains that we are adopted into God’s family and with that adoption comes full inheritance rights. That means we have the same rights, privileges and authority as Jesus. 

This revelation should totally transform the way we see ourselves and how we live our lives!

If Heaven is centred around relationships, then so should church. 

Church isn’t primarily about our Sunday morning meetings, as important as these are, but about the building of relationships and relating to each other as a family. 

Caring and supporting each other, encouraging and building each other up.

Just as with our natural families we have to be more intentional about connecting as the family grows, so it is with our church family.  Taking time to get to know each other is important. 

It’s great that there are increasing opportunities for us to do that: men’s and ladies’ breakfasts, Life Groups and our monthly Sunday lunches at the Blue Boar.

I’ve been increasingly aware over the last month that our Revival Church Billericay family is growing both numerically but also in depth of relationships. 

We’ve celebrated together as babies have been born, stood with those who have needed breakthrough for healing and wept with those who have lost loved ones. 

In the Bible book of Acts the church is described as being of one heart and soul.

I believe that this is the key to the fruitfulness which they experienced; the Lord adding to their number daily those that were being saved.

Let’s continue to pursue the best expression of family in the life of church and see what God does in our community.

With every blessing

Jane Robb

Pastor, Revival Church Billericay