A Prophetic People

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A Prophetic People

It’s just under two weeks until our next Encounter God event with Rebecca King of SOAR International Prophetic Resource Group and we’re really excited about all that we believe God has purposed for us as a church and for Christians in the region.

Since our recent renaming to Revival Church Billericay there’s been an evident shift in what God is doing at our meetings.
We’ve noticed an increase in: freedom in worship, awareness of His presence, a deeper melding of hearts into a church family and operating in the prophetic gifts.

When we understand that we’ve not only had our sin forgiven [through Jesus] but have been adopted into the household of God, it becomes apparent that we need to hear the voice of the one Whose household it is: Father God.

Hence our focus on prophecy.

The gift of prophecy serves not only to encourage, strengthen and comfort us (1 Corinthians 14:3) but can be employed by us to speak the Father’s heart to those who don’t yet know Him.

Our expectation is that at the Saturday night Encounter God event, people will experience the love and power of God in worship and through prophetic words but will also be equipped to move in the prophetic gifts in their spheres of influence.

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Prophetic Children

10437453_961687957200476_4501381125163181092_nAt our Sunday meeting on 13th March we not only have Rebecca King with us once again but also Erica Seales, SOAR Canadian Team Leader. Erica has a passion to see children move in the prophetic as her own children have done.

If this is something you want for your kids then do be sure to join us for what we believe will be a significant morning.
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