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At God’s Kids our heart is to facilitate good connections between our awesome young people and their Daddy God. We do this through engaging worship and fun exploration of the truth of His word, the Bible.

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Recently we have been looking at the spiritual armour God gives to each one of us as Christians and using a Star Wars theme. Although the person of the Holy Spirit is more than just an inner ‘force’, we want our young people to know He is always with them, to share in their joys and to strengthen them in their difficulties.

We believe God’s passionate desire for each one of us is to know Him and to enjoy Him forever—and that includes the children.

There is no junior Holy Spirit!

Our aim is to enable them to grow in the knowledge of who and Whose they are, as children of God.

We want the children to know that they are loved, powerful, important young people with a God-given purpose for their lives and which He wants them to know about now. God wants them to reach their full potential in Him—and so do we.

Our children are the church of today, not the church of tomorrow and we expect to see them do even greater things than Jesus did.

After all, that’s exactly what He said they would.

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Ignite is our older children’s and youth group.

We’re called Ignite because we want to have kindled in our children a life long passion for Jesus that they then carry out into the world to ignite others too!

In Ignite we create the opportunity to:

  • Discover the fullness of our identity in Christ.
  • Get to know who God is and keep getting to know Him better.
  • Put our faith into practice in the now of our own lives, because God is the living God as active now as he was in Bible times.
  • Impact our communities with  God’s love.
  • Talk! We chat together lots about life and what God is doing and about what He is showing us in His word. We talk with Jesus too because prayer is an important part of our time together.
  • Experience intimacy with our Father and the presence of Holy Spirit.