Life Groups

Life Groups are a great way to get to know people in the church and to build the church family. They meet in homes and are typically a mix of friendship, teaching and praying for each other.

Cathy and Keith’s Life Group

Cathy and Keith’s Life Group

Our Life Group meets on alternate Thursday evenings in a home setting. We’re a fairly informal group and most evenings consist of some time spent viewing a DVD (typically from a teaching series) combined with questions and discussion around the issues raised. So far we’ve looked at the excellent Freedom in Christ DVD series, and before that we were treated to J John’s humorous take on the ten commandments, entitled Just Ten. We also try to create some time for prayer for any situations or needs the group is aware of. The only requirement for coming along is a liking of tea and coffee and a partiality towards rather munchy biscuits!

Kesher Course 2

This follow-up to the original Kesher Course uses a DVD format to look further at the Jewish roots of the Christian faith by exploring various aspects of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, whom if we are to truly understand, must be set as a Torah-observant Rabbi in the matrix of first century Jewish life.

It meets at the home of Julian and Sue Horspole.

Men’s Group

This Life Group meets fortnightly and has the aim of building friendships, discipleship, Bible study and support. The group meets in various homes on a Saturday morning. More info from Gregg Siebert and Keith Dicken.

Renew Life Group

A women’s Life Group, hosted by Yvonne, with the focus on renewing our minds according to God’s word. A mix of teaching, learning and friendship.

Steve and Terry’s Life Group

In the Book of Acts we read that the church met in one another’s homes where together they studied the word, worshiped, broke bread, fellowshipped and prayed. These were the essential foundations of the church.

The primary goal of this Life Group is delving into God’s word to mine out the gold but also to foster stronger relationships with the Lord and each other.

We see ourselves as hosting this Life Group rather than leading recognising that everyone can bring something special to the table.

Steve and Terry

To join a Life Group or to find out more about them, drop us an email via our contact page or talk to us on a Sunday.