Pastors’ Update

Pastors’ Update

A few weeks ago we launched a new teaching series looking at four foundational aspects of Revival Church Billericay.

These are: Encounter. Nurture. Training. Influence.

Although the acronym they form isn’t particularly catchy, ENTI is a great reminder of the purpose of the church.


It all begins with an encounter with Jesus – a point in our lives when we acknowledge our need of a Saviour who has removed our sin and the resulting separation from God.

In being restored to relationship with our Heavenly Father we receive the Holy Spirit as the assurance of our forgiveness and the empowering to live great lives for God.


One fantastic benefit of this new life is that we become part of the family of God which the Bible calls the church. In fact the literal meaning of the original word means ‘called-out people’.

A group of people who live wholeheartedly for God and wholeheartedly for each other.

It is a family of believers in which it is God’s intention that we find love, friendship and support. An environment of nurture.


From this place of security and strengthening we are better positioned to be equipped and trained as disciples of Jesus. As we read the Bible, listen to teaching, read books, go to conferences, pursue the things of God, we grow in our knowledge of Him and in our ability to live a life that accords with God’s best for us.


The ultimate fruit of Encounter, Nurture and Training is that we become effective ambassadors for Jesus in our daily lives.  As we share the love and power of God with others our lives become a living testimony to the change Jesus has effected in us. 

Being an influencer for God isn’t just the preserve of a select few but is the mandate Jesus gave to every one of his followers.

And as we influence the world with God’s love and power we can lead others into their own personal encounter with God and so this beautiful ENTI cycle begins again for another person who has discovered new life through Jesus.

Andy and Jane Robb

Senior Pastors