Pastors’ Update

Jane Robb

Pastors’ Update

It’s been a significant journey for us as a church over the last seven weeks as we have unpacked the new Revival Church Billericay Core Values. 

I have found it incredibly challenging as the Holy Spirit has shown me areas in my own life where realignment is needed but I’m also excited at the possibilities of extending heaven’s Kingdom as we corporately live out these values day by day.

We have the capacity to reshape the culture of own lives, our church and our spheres of influence.

We read in Acts that the early church had an incredible impact on the communities in which they lived. 

They lived out the life that Jesus had modelled to them and allowed their beliefs to affect their priorities, actions and words. Lives around them were changed and the culture of heaven could be experienced on earth.

God is building us into a family who are intent on seeing his love and power flow in to us and out of us to impact the community that we are part of.

Let’s make the most of every opportunity that we have to embed our values into our day-to-day living. Let’s encourage each other to live Kingdom-focused lives.

What exciting days we are living in!

With every blessing

Jane Robb

Pastor, Revival Church Billericay