Creating a Revival Culture

Creating a Revival Culture

This autumn we’re beginning a new teaching series which will look at how we live a life of revival; individually and as a church.

Much is spoken of transforming our culture but we need to be clear what we are transforming it into. This is the essence of the line in The Lord’s Prayer, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

God’s intention is that the values and culture of heaven replace the godless values and culture of the world.

To that end, some of the themes we’ll be unpacking are:

Family. Goodness of God. Joy and Hope. Honour. Risk and Faith. Prophetic. Grace and Empowerment. Valuing His Presence. Releasing the Supernatural. Salvation and Righteousness. Generosity. Revelation and the Word.

Why the architectural symbolism in the branding? Because it’s heaven’s strategies that are the key to our success.
The series commences on Sunday 11th September when we’ll be looking at having a ‘Kingdom perspective’. One of the foundational building blocks to creating a revival culture is an understanding [a correct perspective] of the Kingdom to which we now belong.