Pastors’ Update

Pastors’ Update

Imagine this.

A potter creates the most beautiful vase. It is one of countless masterpieces that are the fruit of his care and craftsmanship. Yet this vase develops a flaw which causes it to crack and deform.

Having poured himself into forming this beautiful vase the potter is intent on redeeming the situation by remaking his precious creation. But the vase is having none of it. It resists his offer of a second chance. Who does the potter think he is to deem those imperfections as unacceptable?

A ridiculous scenario, perhaps, and yet many would likewise dismiss the notion of a personal creator and the positive influence he wants to have in their lives.

To position our hearts in such a way can only ever work against us because not only is God the one who created us but he is the the one who knows what is best for us.

God’s moral laws and principles are often perceived as things designed to restrict, but the reverse is true. God is the author of life and his ways are always for the purpose of bringing life.

It’s true that God sets a high bar for humanity to live by but that’s for the reason of giving us our best life, not one that is substandard. The good news attached to this truth is that he also gives us all that we need to achieve this Gold Standard of living.

In the areas of our lives in which we fall short – what the Bible calls sin – Jesus has taken the punishment for it all. Acceptance of this amazing truth bestows upon us a right-standing with God and the imperfections of our lives are removed from us.

To empower us live out the reality of this free gift of righteousness God then gives us his Holy Spirit.

When we understand that mankind was made in God’s likeness we can then see why he doesn’t want us to settle for a life tarnished by sin and sadness. 

We live in a day when so many are rejecting God’s influence in their lives and are creating their own rules by which to live.

‘The absence of a creator/designer removes the possibility of a design which exalts the opinions of the ignorant to divine status’. Bill Johnson.

Someone has to be God. We do well to ensure it’s not us.

Andy and Jane Robb

Senior Pastors



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