The Kiss of the Father – Book Review

The Kiss of the Father – Book Review

In this book, the author Julian C Adams inspires us to develop a deeper, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. He puts forward the view that in some denominations, Christians are confused about the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Like Julian, I fell into the trap of focussing on His power and forgetting that He’s a Person. Some believers are wary of the supernatural for fear of falling into deception but Julian puts us at ease and shows us that the Holy Spirit’s primary role in the believer’s life is to assure us of our identity in Christ. This is essential if we are to grasp our destiny in life.

He also shows that a joyful, power-filled, blessed life is what is on offer through the Holy Spirit. He  had some strange, unexplainable life experiences which I related to in this easy, readable book.

Like some believers, I also misunderstood the scriptures about the conviction of sin, previous hurts and pain, believing everything went at baptism and couldn’t reconcile the violent frustration still inside me afterwards. At a conference on the South Coast, the people I travelled with suggested deliverance may be required. On approaching the prayer ministry team one of them had a picture of a new born baby struggling to breathe. Although I didn’t tell my story, after 90 seconds of prayer I lifted off the ground by 8 or 9 inches and hovered. After a tearing feeling in my throat I came back down. The symptoms never returned.

This book set my mind at ease that I wasn’t abnormal and could get on with having a peace-filled life.

Reviewer, Alan Mint