Pastors’ Blog

Pastors’ Blog

Happy birthday to us!

This weekend we celebrate 10 years as a church. Where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that we were meeting every Sunday in the function room of the Rising Sun pub in Billericay.

Revival Church Billericay (initially called Christian Growth Centre Billericay) was birthed out of a home group, forged over six months on Sunday evenings at Billericay Costa and then launched on November 18th, 2012.

Since then, not only have our meeting venues changed a few times but we’ve been blessed to be a part of the Christian journey of many people who are now serving God elsewhere.

Our guiding principle has remained unaltered; to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit every step of the way.

It is Jesus’ church and who are we to bring our personal preferences and opinions into the mix.

As we have sought to allow God to be God, we have seen so many lives transformed by his love and power. God has opened up to us doors of opportunity to represent him to those who perhaps weren’t aware that God loves them, that he has a plan for their life and can be personally known.

As we give thanks to God for his faithfulness these past 10 years we are keenly aware that there is still so much more that he wants to do in us and through us.

With every blessing

Andy Robb

Senior Pastor