Pastors’ Update

Pastors’ Update

“I’m all Zoomed out!”

Those are certainly words which have crossed my lips on more than one occasion these past few months. 

Digital technology has been with us for a long time but since March of this year it’s played an increasingly important role in most of our lives.

But within that it’s been both a friend and an adversary.

During a time when we’ve been unable to physically connect with people, go to our places of work or attend schools and colleges it’s been a lifeline that’s enabled us to maintain some semblance of normality. 

But the longer the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have gone on the initial advantages presented by digital technology have perhaps lost any lustre they may have had.

For many people Zoom fatigue (or whatever conferencing service you may use) is also a very real issue. Accompanied by a lack of people contact – well at least to the level we enjoyed pre-Covid – the temptation for us to retreat from our screens when we aren’t compelled to be online is a real one.

And yet God is using digital technology like never before.

Not only does the church have access to people who would never have considered entering a church building it also presents Christians with access to ministries and moves of God online that either previously weren’t prominently digital or a have been birthed to serve this new era.

I’m speaking to myself when I say this but our attitude to being online has to adapt if we aren’t to miss out on what God is doing and the opportunities digital technology is presenting us with.

Do I approach a Zoom meeting with other Christians as something which I anticipate draining life from me or with the expectation that I’m going to be built up and strengthened by other believers – and also return the compliment?

Do I approach teaching and ministry content online with the mindset of this being yet another load of information I’ve got to download or with the expectation that God will be speaking and ministering to me through it.

Let’s give God any digital weariness we may have and come at this afresh asking him to help us see what he is doing and to help us better engage with the exiting new opportunities presented.

With every blessing

Andy Robb

Senior Pastor